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Sharpening Your Mental Health Tools with Yoga

As we approach the holiday season, and the stress potential is high it is important to keep all the tools sharpened in your mental health toolbox. If you have been thinking about adding yoga to your toolbox, do not wait until January when the hustle dies down. That is like pulling out the umbrella when the storm is over.

When we practice yoga, we are not only working on the physical body but also the breath and nervous system which will allow you to emotionally regulate when strong emotions arise. As you practice awareness within the body, you can branch out to how emotions feel within the body also. It is easy to recognize how the big hitters like anger feel, but you must pay a little more attention to recognize how the more subtle emotions such as curiosity, awe, envy, and appreciation feel within. Then when life happens, and you find strong emotions arising in you, you will already be familiar with the physical sensations associated with the feel and are more equipped to regulate your response. The more you understand this connection the more empowered you should feel to go out into the wild and take on the holiday jungle.

If you are looking for a new yoga studio home, Moon Drop Yoga offers a full menu of styles to choose from. Whether you are brand new or a seasoned yogi, there is a class for everyone. So come try it out and equip yourself for the holidays and beyond. See you on the mat!

Lisa Sandusky, Yoga & Fitness Instructor

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