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Reflections on Yoga Nidra

Last night’s guided relaxation (Yoga Nidra) was so restful. We tucked ourselves in, sandwiched between blankets and bolsters, eyes covered with the soft weight of lavender-scented pillows - and eased into a state of gentle awareness.

In life, we often live from the brain affecting our breath, bodies, and mind. Our breath is the path to our nervous system - sharp intakes of breath and shallow breathing send signals to our nervous system that we are in danger - sends messages to our bodies to tense up - and when this happens, get ready. Being in this state too long TAKES ITS TOLL. Yet, when we send our attention to different parts of the body, we begin to ground ourselves into the present moment, relax into our bodies, and slow down our breathing.

In class last night, we found ourselves on a beach, warm and safe, sparkling with life. We listened to the waves, feeling them throughout our bodies. We brought healing energy to every cell and radiated out into the world. We grounded ourselves by noticing parts of the body that often go unnoticed; left thumb, right wrist, or even our fingers and toes.

I found myself asking: "How can we fill an hour in a way that feels like five minutes?" and "How can we allow ourselves to rest our nervous system and our bodies when there is so much to do?" I invite you to take time this week… even a two-minute break to find peace. Meditation and a quiet mind take practice - yet, once you learn the journey to find your inner peace, you can access it whenever you need it.

Imagine a world where we each take some time to create the change we wish to see around us by starting with creating it within us. ☁️

-Peace and love

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