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What’s So Special About Yoga?

Updated: Aug 10, 2022

Yoga is everywhere in so many forms - some prefer it as a workout and others practice to assist in meditation. Let’s dive into what yoga is and why it is a fantastic tool for your overall health.

Yoga was created thousands of years ago and the root of the word “Yoga” means “to unite.” In yoga, we seek to create harmony between the mind and body. Once this harmony is reached, you are said to reach Bliss or Zen - a state of inner strength and lightness at once - a euphoria of sorts.

While it can take many years of practice to reach a lasting sense of Bliss, you can capture bits of it on a Tuesday in a yoga class and then take that feeling out into the rest of your day. Imagine how you can show up in the world, with a keener focus, resilient body, and kinder heart!

The Yoga that we see is just 1 part of the 8 “limbs” of the philosophical system of Yoga. It is the asana or physical practice of moving into different poses which can strengthen & stretch, enhance flexibility and balance on the outside and help balance your thoughts and emotions on the inside.

While practicing asana, you release your mind’s usual “chatter” about work, kids, and other thoughts and begin to drop the thoughts into the body. Whether your chosen class incorporates sequential movements (called a Flow or Vinyasa) or if the poses are more static (found in Hatha, Iyengar, Restorative, Yin), the end result is the same - a more healthy and well-cared for body and mental state.

In addition, the constant refocusing of your thoughts through movement and breath work can help you to uncover truths about yourself. A clarity comes through practice and often inspires people to discover their talents and purpose.

In a world filled with distractions and so much mental stimulation, it can bring great peace to incorporate a Yoga practice into your daily or weekly habits. By building outer and inner strength, enhancing mental clarity and emotional stability, we can truly pursue our dreams and positively effect the world around us.

Stacy Fender is the founder of Moon Drop Yoga Studio in Carrollwood.

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