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About Your Instructors


Stacy Yoga Teacher, Owner

Once I found the benefits of yoga for healing my back pains and making me calmer and more whole as a person, I knew I wanted to go deeper and share it with others.

Yoga led me to find my true passions in life to teach, live well, and help others heal.  Yoga helps ground me.  It gives me stability while provIding space to push past my limits.  It allows me to run after my kids and lift them up in the air.  It reminds me to love myself and take care of my body and soul.  

In 2018, I founded Moon Drop Yoga to provide yoga in my community.  It is my passion to support dedicated and caring teachers as they share their knowledge and spread the benefits of yoga.  I hope to build a loving and inclusive community while providing joyful products and services for health and wellness.

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Michelle Yoga Teacher

Michelle is a Certified Yoga and Spinning Instructor and has taught for over for 12 years. She lives in Carrollwood Village and has three very active sons.

Michelle's style incorporates gentle stretches, challenging yoga flows, and core strengthening with a moving meditation to clear the mind and enhance your overall well-being!  Michelle will greet you warmly and always shares a smile in her classes and after.

Come to build strength, receive encouragement for challenging yourself, and become more flexible in the body and mind.  Allow her classes to help you achieve a higher level of wellness.

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Tina Yoga Teacher

I started consistently practicing yoga after my son was born 14 years ago.  It was an "exercise" I could practice early in the morning when the house was quiet.  Like most new moms, I practiced to recognize my body again, but what I discovered was how calm and less anxious my mind was.  I loved how my body felt, but I was hooked at how my mind felt.

I teach yoga to share what I have learned from yoga.  My desire for everyone to feel welcome on the mat.  Our bodies have all experienced such different stories, but there is always space to breathe, be still, move and balance in a way that gives us freedom.  Whether teaching kids, teens, or adults, it is my joy to show up vulnerably and authentically to meet you where you are and be your guide.


Kelsey Yoga Teacher

Most days Kelsey excels at playing the role of a highly functioning member of society. She is 1 part yoga instructor. 1 part Registered Dietetic Technician, 1/2 part wife and 4 parts soccer mom. She is passionate about helping people transform mind, body and soul through yoga, balanced eating, and humor. She loves practicing vinyasa/flow yoga to carefully selected playlists that inspire a connection with body and breath. She firmly stands by the benefits that yoga provides: strengthening the body and mind, improving health, fostering self-acceptance, and feeling a greater connection to the world around us. 
Along with teaching at Moon Drop Yoga Studio, Kelsey teaches private yoga and nutrition classes, plans and prepares healthy meals for yoga retreats, and loves introducing yoga and meditation to middle/high school students.

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Kat Yoga Teacher

I have been on my journey with yoga for nearly three decades. What started as an on again off again, home practice has blossomed into a love and passion for all things yoga that led me to attaining my 500 RYT. I am Inspired and motivated by the teachings and dedication of the yoga community and plan to continue growing and learning in my own personal practice.


In addition to teaching yoga, I am also a high school teacher with a passion for inspiring others to find their own voice. I have found a way to blend yoga with my curriculum by starting a yoga and mindfulness club for teens at school and by teaching yoga to the school’s sports programs. I hope to continue bringing yoga to young people and help them find their own passion for mindfulness through movement.


Mary Yoga Teacher

Mary began practicing yoga in February of 2013 due to a running injury. During those early days, her work on the mat was motivated by a longing for physical healing. Pleasantly surprised, she experienced peace and healing in her emotional, mental and spiritual body as well! This discovery inspired her to become a yoga teacher. So in the midst of being a wife, mother of 4, hugger, knitter, reader of literature and student of Life, Mary obtained her 200hr E-RYT, and 500hr RYT certification. As a yoga teacher, through guiding the practice of poses and breath, Mary desires to create space for everyone to cultivate and nourish peace and health in their own body, mind, and spirit.

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Nicole Yoga Teacher

Nicole discovered her passion for yoga after moving to Nashville, TN in 2014. She loved the consistency of the practice and the outlet it gave her to get out of her head and into her body. In 2020, she completed 200-hour teacher training focusing on the 26+2 method at Yoga365 in Clearwater, FL. Nicole is an energetic and encouraging instructor who focuses on breathwork and mind-body connection to challenge students to be fully present in the moment, both on and off their mats. In addition to sharing her passion for yoga, Nicole is an occupational therapist who specializes in pain management and pelvic health, with extensive continued education in Graston Technique and Pelvic Floor Therapy. She is also a Pregnancy and Postpartum Corrective Exercise Specialist and a registered prenatal yoga instructor (RPYT). She combines nearly 10 years experience as an OT with the practice of yoga for a truly holistic and unique healing experience. Nicole is also a mom of one and is currently expecting her second child in June, 2022.

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Janet Yoga Teacher

Janet found yoga in 2002 after her young first husband died suddenly in 2001. Looking for something athletic yet therapeutic (but not really knowing it), she came across Baron Baptiste’s “Journey Into Power” while browsing at a bookstore. She read that book and began her own journey of yoga and mindfulness. This single mom of 2 originally completed her Yoga Alliance 200 hour certification in 2005 with the Baptiste Power Vinyasa Yoga Institute and then another 200 hour certification with Lucky Cat Yoga this n 2019.  For years Janet studied with Baptiste in Mexico, Hawaii, Texas and Montana. Janet also studied Ashtanga for one week with David Swenson as well as attending many workshops and seminars in yoga genres like Prenatal, Iyengar, Anusara, Forrest yoga and more. After teaching for many years throughout Tampa in yoga studios and Gyms, as well as coaching triathletes, CrossFitters and Fitness competitors (and competing herself), Janet’s injuries and emotional needs to again release her ego, have led her back to a full time yoga practice. Further, life's turns have re-lit the desire to once again share her experience and love of Yoga with anyone who’s interested. Also a successful real estate agent in Tampa, Janet loves working with yoga students and friends to practice safe, smart yoga and to truly be where they are right now without judgement!

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Lisa Yoga Teacher

Lisa found her way to the mat in 1985 as a senior in college.  She grew up both a gymnast and a cheerleader, and after falling 18 feet while flying on her college team, she broke her back in several places.  Lisa shares that this loss, of her health and her community, led her into a dark hole.  Fortunately, a friend recommended she try yoga, and she landed in a "stretch" class at the local Ladies Health Club.This was the first time since her accident that she "felt" something good in her body again.  Lisa shares after class she felt euphoric, calm and hopeful.

Lisa completed her 200 HR Yoga Teacher Training in 2013 at Kodawari Studios and fell in love with the healing touch of physical assisting and adjusting.  She has attended two additional Assist & Adjust Workshops, and she has completed her 300 HR Advanced Yoga Teacher Training at Kodawari Studios.  Lisa loves to teach the "slow down" classes.  Restorative, Gratitude, Sound Healing, Yin and Gentle Classes are her jam and students can expect to receive lots of hands on assists or "mini massages" in her classes.

Today, Lisa explains that she still comes to her own mat to feel.  No matter how difficult life gets, Lisa's practice has taught her that she can do hard things while being uncomfortable.  It is her hope and prayer that she can share this practice with the world, so that when life gets difficult, we all remember to pause and breathe before taking action.

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Leah Yoga Teacher

I’m Leah McAllister. I’m a retired kindergarten teacher, a mom of 2 adult kids, and have been teaching yoga since 2009. 

I have taught yoga to ages 4-80 and am always humbled & inspired by peoples receptivity to and natural ability to movement. My passion is Ashtanga Yoga. My best advice to all my students is to always come to your mat as a beginner. Take what you need from the practice & let the rest go. My goal is to make Ashtanga yoga accessible to everybody. 

I’ve studied with many amazing teachers who have shaped my practice and my teaching. 

Come. Take practice. 

You won’t regret it. 

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Olga Yoga Teacher

My yoga journey began in my early 20s when I needed a grounding physical practice for my body and a philosophical outlet for my soul. Through my yoga practice, I was able to better understand and love myself and those around me. With many hours of physical practice and inspiring books, yoga has slowly contributed to the person that I am today.

I believe that we have the power within us to align ourselves more and more with our core purpose and when we do so amazing things come into our lives. I obtained my 200hr yoga teacher training in 2013, and my 85hr prenatal yoga teacher training in 2018. I feel very lucky to have studied with some of the best yoga teachers in Chicago, as well as travel and attend yoga festivals all over the country while meeting amazing teachers and like-minded people. I love sharing, in my classes and through my art, what I am learning on my continuous yoga journey.

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Brittney Yoga Teacher

(aka Official Moon Goddess) I was born in California but spent most of my life growing up in Tampa, FL. During my time in California, I dove into a very regular yoga and meditation practice. I've always been very spiritually connected but in the past, I chose to push that piece of me to the side. Yoga and meditation acted as the catalyst to my own healing; teaching me a way out of the dark and onto a journey into the light. I immediately felt a calling to become a teacher, which brought my spiritual gifts to the forefront of my awareness.

As many of us may have experienced trauma throughout our life, it can become stuck energy within our body centers. Most of the time, we don't realize that this can also cause physical ailments. As I began learning how to fully release this from my own system and become more  in alignment with my higher self, I began my Reiki practice. Being able to assist others through their own healing journey, as well as, teach how you too can heal yourself, is my biggest passion and brings me so much joy.

My wish is to be able to share my experience with the World, so that you too can see how powerful you truly are. Together, we achieve gracefulness through gratefulness.

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